Get to Know Us

Amanda Herlehy

"I like to refer to our company as a family. Not only do we work together, but we have built friendships with each other."

-- Amanda Herlehy

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Matthew Beaudoin

"CSG is invested in developing its employees and promoting opportunities for growth."

-- Matthew Beaudoin

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Sophia Nguyen

"CSG has a big heart that loves to give back and this love is contagious."

-- Sophia Nguyen

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Sarah Turgeon

"Working at CSG has given me many opportunities to help others, both personally and professionally."

-- Sarah Turgeon

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Avery Zorzit

"I love problem solving; working with clients every day to help with their insurance needs is a rewarding feeling."

-- Avery Zorzit

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Irene Bosse

"The culture of CSG is one of constant innovation and development. They have a clear idea of where the industry is going and they know how to stay ahead of it."

-- Irene Bosse

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Kelly Kozma

"CSG is like a family. There has been a lot of effort put into ensuring that employees have the opportunity to get to know one another."

-- Kelly Kozma

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Adam Bednarick

"At CSG, the work culture is friendly, supportive, and positive."

-- Adam Bednarick

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Antoinette Nicoletti

"CSG is like a family, and no matter how busy it gets, we are all here to help each other out."

-- Antoinette Nicoletti

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Marilyn Moore

"CSG gives so much back to the community, which is one thing I admire most about the owners."

-- Marilyn Moore

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Shelley Matthe

"CSG has a great company culture! Our employees look forward to coming into work and enjoy working with their co-workers."

-- Shelley Matthe

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Hama Mapfumo

"At CSG, we are rewarded for our hard work. The company has incentive programs that reward employees who try their best and strive to improve."

-- Hama Mapfumo

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Kelsea Gelsinger

"CSG has a very healthy, family-oriented work culture. We work as one, respecting and helping each other grow."

-- Kelsea Gelsinger

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Steven Moro

"At CSG we are always coming up with a way to find a new and better solution. That’s what makes CSG a great place to work – we work hard, but truly enjoy what we’re doing."

-- Steven Moro

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Brigitte Alvarez

"At CSG, it’s the sense of community that sets us apart. Despite the continued organizational growth, CSG is always part of something bigger."

-- Brigitte Alvarez

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Jenny Bellemore

"I love being a part of the learning process for new employees. Being able to see that “Wow, I got it!” moment on their faces is rewarding."

-- Jenny Bellemore

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Natasha Vandenbroucke

"There are great opportunities right here in Windsor-Essex County. If you are willing to work hard, you can build an outstanding career!"

-- Natasha Vandenbroucke

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Bobby Picture

"Working for an organization that supports innovation and values employees is a great feeling,."

-- Bobby Seguin

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"One thing that really sticks out is how I've learned to take something that sounds complex or technical jargon and make it sound easy for the client to understand."

-- Carl Haffner

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"My co-workers are amazing."

-- Heather Carpenter

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"CSG is always looking for new endeavours which provides an exciting atmosphere"

-- Sean Ellig

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