Get to Know Us

Bobby Picture

Name: Bobby Seguin

Age: 28

Hometown: Windsor

Position: Team Leader

How long have you worked at CSG? 6 Years

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Working for an organization that supports innovation and values employees is a great feeling. CSG is constantly striving to improve the way they do business and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the growth.

What’s the most challenging part of the job?

Keeping up in a fast-paced environment. This company is always improving, which makes you want to improve as well. Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks are essential at CSG.

What skills have you learned at CSG ?

The most valuable skill I have learned is the ability to be adaptable to change. The insurance and technology industries are constantly evolving and, in order to be successful, you need to embrace the changes and grow along with it.

What makes CSG different from other places you’ve worked?

CSG is committed to the constant development and improvement of their staff. There are always opportunities for growth in your career within the organization.

What is the work culture like at CSG ?

The culture at CSG is built around a strong sense of teamwork and doing things in new and different ways. When you work here you feel like you are part of the improvement process and you know that your ideas and opinions are valued.

What advice would you give professionals looking to stay in Windsor-Essex?

Windsor-Essex is a great place to live and CSG is a great place to work. CSG is a friendly and dynamic company to work for. When you start your career with CSG, you’re given every opportunity to take it to the next level.