Get to Know Us

Amanda Herlehy

Name: Amanda Herlehy

Age: 29

Hometown: Windsor, ON

Position: Senior Broker

How long have you worked at CSG? 4.5 years

What's your favourite part of the job?

Being able to help people understand their insurance policy. There is a lot of information that goes into creating a policy and there are a lot of different coverages available. Making sure a client is properly covered and understands what they are covered for is very rewarding.

What's the most challenging part of the job?

Getting through your first year is tough. There is a lot of information that you're given, but CSG has an amazing training department that walks you through each step of the process. They have set up modular training so that you can focus on the billing of the different companies first and get used to it. Once you're comfortable with billing, they move you into auto training, then property, etc. CSG also has lots of great resources including senior brokers, team leaders, and even our own intranet with a lot of useful resources

What skills have you learned as a broker?

I've definitely been able to build on my teamwork, time management, and organizational skills. Working as a broker requires you to work as a team because it's really about helping each other out to make sure your clients are taken care of. We can't take everything on ourselves, and you have to be able to rely on your co-workers. Being able to organize and manage your time is also key to being a broker.

What is the work culture like at CSG?

I like to refer to our company as a family. Not only do we work together, but we have built friendships with each other. It's a company that rewards you for success; from BBQs in the summer, to a beautiful Christmas party every year. And they want you to have fun! They offer chili cook-offs, cubicle decorating, and best-dressed competitions for Halloween.

What advice do you have for young professionals looking to stay in the Windsor-Essex area?

Don't give up and work hard. The Windsor-Essex area has been struggling for several years now in regards to the job market. You need to continue to show companies that you are interested in working for them. That may mean applying multiple times and following up on an application. Once you get in, continue to work hard and strive for newer and bigger goals. Building and improving on your own will only prove to the company that you deserve to be there. My hard work at CSG paid off and I’m now in a contract position in the marketing department.