Get to Know Us


Name: Heather Carpenter

Age: 39

Hometown: Essex, Ontario

Position: Service Broker

How long have you worked at CSG? 1.5 Years

What is your favourite part of the job ?

The people! including the employees and clients. Also the smooth work flow that CSG has in place. it's seamless. I love it!

What is the most challenging part of the job ?

The most challenging part of the job would be the unique scenarios that come up, especially in commercial lines. The great part about it is that there is always someone that can help find the solutions to these situations.

What skills have you learned at CSG?

At CSG I’ve learned what it means to work as a team. You see firsthand how people helping each other and sharing their knowledge ultimately benefits everyone.

What makes CSG different from other places you’ve worked?

The atmosphere here at my division in Southland Insurance is similar to that of a family atmosphere. I also really like how much the owners show appreciation to their employees as individuals. You can really tell how much they value everyone who works here.

What is the work culture like at CSG?

Every time I walk through the front door, I feel so much support. I also appreciate how approachable the management here. My co-workers are amazing as well!

What advice would you give professionals looking to stay in Windsor-Essex?

Windsor-Essex has so many smaller tight-knit towns and communities within itself. It’s great to get personally connected and network.