Windsor roots. Global reach.

You may have heard there’s a new name for us. The insurance divisions of Cypher Systems Group are now part of the HUB International team. We’re still the same people at 3600 Rhodes Drive that have a passion for putting you and the community of Windsor-Essex at the centre of everything we do. We’ve just got a deeper bench of experts.

HUB is recognized as one of the top brokerages in Canada, with a network of 11,000 employees in 450 offices across North America.

Our future. Built on our past.

The CSG story is one of innovation. One where three young entrepreneurs from Windsor set out to start a company and ended up changing an industry.

Notre communauté

At the heart of CSG is a belief in community. It's been our mantra since Day 1. We're proud to support a number of health, arts, and sports initiatives in the Windsor-Essex area, as well as humanitarian causes across the globe.

Windsor roots. Global reach.

We’re entrepreneurs passionate about our community.

CSG’s executive team will continue to work within the HUB family while focusing on technology, real estate opportunities and hockey team ownership.